Larry & Debbie Fennell

Larry & Debbie Fennell

Larry and Debbie Fennell are debt free after just 2 years.

“We first attended Ellerfield in 2009 not realising that we would be debt free within two years.

We both work for the Queensland Government, married with two teenage children earning a combined income of $130,000 a year. We had approximately $55,000 debt and have had this same amount for some time as we were paying it off fortnight to fortnight.

They showed us how we could become debt free and save enough money through investments to have a VERY comfortable retirement, even retiring at the young age of 55 years!

At the time, we didn’t believe it was possible. We are now in 2011 and for the first time in our married life, we are debt free and setting goals that we never thought we could afford, even a European holiday and a new car!

The Ellerfield staff presented us with the tools to achieve financial security for the rest of our lives and we highly recommend Ellerfield for anyone who needs assistance with their finances.”