Aged Care Solutions

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Over 1 million Australians receive some form of Aged Care support each year and this is projected to grow to over 3.5 million over the next 40 years.

Residential Aged Care

The legislation supporting residential aged care has significantly changed since 1 July 2014. The effect of this change could lead to increased aged care costs for many Australians.

Ellerfield provides a detailed step-by-step solution to minimising residential aged care costs and maximising social security benefits. We help you liaise with the department of human services and the aged care facility in understanding and implementing your options.

Private Aged Care

If you are considering an alternative to residential aged care, then private aged care could be an option. Generally this option provides independent living units where the care services are brought in when needed.

Private aged care has been designed to sit outside of the government aged care financial system. Ellerfield provides detailed modeling on the care costs, impact on the estate, and strategies to increase benefits and reduce ongoing costs.

Home Care

Staying at home is the preferred option for many Australians. Homecare provides a solution to people who need assistance in the home; varying from mowing the lawn / cleaning the house to detailed personal care needs / clinical care.

Home care significantly changed on the 1st July 2015. Consumer Directed Care (CDC) was introduced to provide consumers with more choice over their care options. Funding is now provided directly to the consumer and the consumer can choose who provides this care.

Ellerfield provides home care plans that allow the consumer to reduce means testing, understanding the impact on wealth and accessing additional care benefits.

Retirement Living

Retirement living provides consumers with independent living plus a connection to a community. They can provide a great option when considering down-sizing the home; or doing regular travel in retirement while needing a home that is secure and monitored while away.

Ellerfield provides strategy documents which address any deferred management fees, care costs, impact on the estate wealth and forecasting for future care needs.