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Executive Team

Michael Walker

CEO / Director


Michael Walker is the Director and CEO of Ellerfield and has enjoyed entrepreneurial success in various industries. Michael leads the investment committee for Managed Funds and Managed Discretionary accounts.  


Michael enjoys spending time with his family and previously presented Australia in Judo. Michael is actively involved in Judo as a Coach and Referee.


Graduate Diploma Management

Diploma Financial Services

RG146 Foreign Exchange, Derivatives, Securities and Superannuation and RG146 Personal Advice

McKeown, Scott profile pic

Scott McKeown

Principal Adviser


Scott has over 20 years of experience providing advice and wealth strategies to a diverse range of individuals, families, and business clients. He enjoys it when a client is engaged and considers himself a bit of a ‘numbers nerd’ due to the genuine excitement he feels when compiling client strategies using our goal-focused planning methods.

“Honing in on the important things and setting a well-designed strategy in motion that gives someone comfort and confidence in achieving their very own goals at any life stage is. That’s my sweet spot!”


“I have a young, loving family and plenty of joy in my life. As with everyone, from time to time there are challenges. We work together, grow and often succeed. I hope to play a role planning for the success of people that offer me their time and engage in our process.”


Adv. Diploma of Fin Ser (FP)

Cert IV in Fin. & Mortgage Broking

FASEA approved – Completed and Passed

Kaplan Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

J.P (C.D.)


Executive Assistant


Advice Team


Client Support Team