Pastor Lester Reinbott

Pastor Lester Reinbott

My wife and I are extremely grateful to Ellerfield for the help and guidance they have given us over the last six months in managing our finances and in particular, planning for our retirement.

Before coming into contact with Ellerfield we had realized our urgent need for financial advice about impending retirement and had already made contact with another financial adviser. However his advice seemed to us somewhat limited and we went away feeling uncertain and little better off with the advice he had gave us.

Then we heard about Ellerfield at a pastor’s zone meeting when the subject of finances and retirement came up in discussion. One pastor recommended Ellerfield to the group and suggested a meeting be arranged for interested pastors with representatives of the company.

For us that meeting when it happened was a real epiphany financially. We realized just how vulnerable we had been financially. We took up Ellerfield’s offer of a free 2 hour interview with one of their financial planners.

We left that interview amazed at what Ellerfield was prepared to do for us to help us, not only with our finances but also with such important matters as wills and powers of attorney etc.

Since those initial meetings our Ellerfield financial advisor Sharan has worked with us to put in place a comprehensive financial life plan that is tailored to our perceived needs and financial ability.

I believe that our future financial position has been improved immensely as a result of the expertise that Ellerfield is able to bring to bear on our investments and financial strategies for the future.

We have found the Ellerfield staff to be extremely professional, friendly, accommodating, accessible, transparent, honest and extremely thorough and responsible in all our dealings with them.

We now have a plan for our retirement that is very achievable and tailored to a lifestyle that, God willing, will bring us much happiness and satisfaction in our senior years.

Thanks to Ellerfield we now have some peace of mind about our financial future. I only wish we had met them years earlier!