Steve Haynes

Steve Haynes

Steve Haynes shares his experience of engaging a financial planner, and the benefit it has brought to him and his family.

“My wife Jen and I came to Ellerfield at a stage in our life where we were both in good jobs, earning over $140000 a year. We had a house with a modest mortgage, two car loans and some furniture on lay-by, but every fortnight we were using our visa cards to pay for day to day things.

Slowly we blew our three visa cards to maximum, adding another $3500 to the debt and not getting ahead in life. A friend recommended us to Ellerfield and we attended with only a vague idea about financial planning, but we knew we needed to take control of our finances and hopefully improve our quality of life.

The Ellerfield staff were helpful and took us through our finances and options.  What impressed us most was the feeling that the Ellerfield team were on your side and were working towards your goals.

The budget they worked out for us, at first seemed extreme, but we quickly found that by following it, we not only had money left over but were still enjoying a great quality of life.

Yet this isn’t what made me appreciate the advantage of coming to Ellerfield. That moment was while standing in the accident and emergency ward, with my wife in terrible pain, despite two shots of morphine and being told by staff, it would be up to two years on the waiting list to see a surgeon.

It was then I realised that thanks to Ellerfield we were ahead on our loans, we had paid off all our credit cards in about three months, and could not only afford to pay for the surgery out of our own pocket, but it would only delay our budget plan by a month!

Ellerfield enabled us to break free from the circumstances and take control of our own lives.  It was an amazing feeling, a mere three months early we would never have had that option. I highly recommend Ellerfield to anyone who wants to take control of their finances and life.”