Prue Simmonds

Prue Simmonds

Prue Simmonds, husband Andrew and their three young children, live in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast.

Prue has kindly agreed to share her family’s experience of deciding to engage the services of a financial planner and what differences this has made to their lives.

What prompted you to consider working with a financial planner?

Andrew and I have three children and we wanted to make sure we had a good start on a plan for the future financially.

Why did you choose to work with the financial planner you selected?

When we met with Ellerfield we were not sold products. David Weir at Ellerfield Financial Planning really worked with us to develop a plan to achieve not just our financial goals but also our life goals.

What were you hoping to achieve by working with a financial planner?

We wanted to have a strong financial future and not to just live month to month.

Has your financial planner been able to help you achieve these goals?

We couldn’t be happier with Ellerfield as we now have solid direction on not just our short-time goals but also our long-term goals.

Could you explain how ‘ellerCentral cash flow management’ has helped your family?

EllerCentral is great. It really helps you keep on track with spending your money on a day-to-day basis and it makes you think before you spend. So much so, Andrew now enjoys entering all our receipts into our budget daily. Within the first couple of months of using Ellerfield’s EllerCentral budgeting process, we have saved a substantial amount of money that we would not have done otherwise.

Your financial planner also helped by referring you to another business here on the Coast. Can you tell us about this?

We needed a solicitor and Ellerfield put us in contact with the correct kind of legal specialist at a local Sunshine Coast firm, which was a great help to us. Ellerfield genuinely takes a holistic approach to its clients’ needs and David’s attention to this matter was well beyond what we had expected a financial planner to do.

David Weir is your planner at Ellerfield, and you have said you were surprised by how he looks after your affairs. Could explain this?

David has been great for us. We really feel we have someone watching our back on our financial affairs.

Would you recommend Ellerfield Financial Planning to friends and family?

Absolutely. It has been the best move we have made for our family and our future.