It is an alarming fact that only one-third of Australians are saving enough money to meet their retirement goals.


  • Are you are over 55, and still gainfully employed?
  • Are you planning to retire in the next five years?


If so, a Transition To Retirement (TTR) Strategy may be your answer.
With the recent economic climate, it has never been more important than now to seek advice from your financial adviser to ensure your transition to retirement is comfortable.


Whether you are working full time or are looking to reduce your current working hours Ellerfield Financial Planning can assist you with your Transition To Retirement. At Ellerfield Financial Planning we can tailor a strategy to your personal circumstances, which may include increasing your superannuation, reducing your tax liability, reorganising your income sources and moving into a tax-free environment.


If you are one of many who are feeling overwhelmed regarding your existing Retirement funds and concerned about your future plans come and speak with us.