Theresa Hall

Theresa Hall

Client Service Manager

Theresa Hall has worked in customer service orientated roles for over 18 years. Joining Ellerfield in 2012 after being in the finance sector of the Commonwealth Bank for the previous 11yrs.

Theresa believes that if you build rapport and look after your clients they will always come back. Theresa joined Ellerfield because she likes the strong customer service focus that Ellerfield provides. Theresa has plenty to offer in this regard which is why working at Ellerfield is so enjoyable for her.

Theresa and her family decided to make a lifestyle change from Wollongong in NSW to the Sunshine Coast in 2003. Since then they have not looked back and take advantage of the lifestyle that the Sunshine Coast offers.

Theresa has 3 children; in her time away from work Theresa is kept busy looking after her family. Theresa also enjoys working out at the Gym, weight training, and loves to entertain and have a drink with her husband, friends and family.