Jennie Barnes

Jennie Barnes

Senior Technical Specialist & Quality Advice Services


Jennie grew up on her family’s sheep and cattle property near Winton in Western Queensland, and experienced both the highs and lows of extreme weather conditions and a remote lifestyle. Her theory is what doesn’t destroy you makes you stronger!

Her interest in investing started in primary school days when she received a small inheritance. After convincing her family it was a valid investment she purchased 15 beef cows, and every year selected 30 calves from the property. Following the first sale of steers, she decided diversification was important. She recalls the look of shock on the face of the local bank manager when whilst barely able to see over the counter she made her first term investment with AGC.

Jennie enjoys travelling and experiencing new cultures, and has visited many of the civilised, historical and remote areas of the world. Currently her focus is helping her teenage son to achieve his goals and aspirations for school and golf, encourage his love of travel, and for him to learn the value of saving and investing his lawn mowing money for the future. (He now has a small managed share portfolio!).


Jennie’s focus over the last ten years whilst working in a non-client facing role as part of the Ellerfield team, has been working with our Financial Advisers to assist in the development of tailored and highly personalised strategies. This includes conducting detailed financial modelling and product research, assisting in the selection and structure of appropriate strategy and product solutions, assisting with high level strategy development, answering legislative queries and preparing high quality and complying Statement of Advice documents of varying complexity.
‘Small changes can create huge results’.

Your ideal client to help

Clients requiring advice around Wealth Creation, Superannuation including Self-Managed Super Funds, Wealth Protection and Retirement Planning.
Abbreviations of Qualifications


Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) Obtained 2006

Kaplan Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) Obtained 2013

Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning Obtained 2018